Money Insights is founded on the principle that “off-the-shelf” products and solutions often do not meet the needs of high income earners. Our clients have a unique set of opportunities and challenges. As a strategic planning firm, we work collaboratively as a team to design customized financial solutions that will leave a lasting impact for each of our clients.

At Money Insights, we make building wealth a little bit easier!

"I worked with Rod on designing one of my policies. Rod ran multiple options for me, answered all my questions, and explained things very well. It was a great experience. Always work with someone you know, like and trust! Rod, Christian and team are one of the best!"

Eric Schultz

"Rod & Christian provided me tremendous value in structuring and refining my insurance policies to maximize utility and cash value. Their knowledge has been unrivaled in my experience."

Chris Larsen

"This team is honest, responsive and professional. They are great at explaining concepts and are far from pushy. They have been a pleasure to work with"

Chet Tharpe

Our People: Some of the Best in the Industry

Money Insights Christian Allen

Christian Allen

Christian brings the vision, drive and focus to Money Insights! He started in the financial services industry in 2004 working as an advisor with Beneficial Financial Group. Since that time, he’s held a variety of industry leadership and management positions including sales manager, regional marketing director, and associate partner before starting Money Insights, an alternative wealth planning firm for high income earners, in 2014.

Christian started Money Insights because traditional financial planning is broken, plain and simple! This is especially true for high-income earners. After spending the first 6 years of his career managing stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, Christian realized that he wasn’t having the impact on people’s lives that he intended. He also noticed a glaring trend as he met with clients. The great majority of his wealthy clients were doing more than just putting money in their 401k’s or IRA’s and hoping the market would do the rest. These highly successful individuals were active investors in the alternative space and had set out to find better ways to build wealth. Christian made the commitment to focus on only the most innovative, effective strategies for helping clients build their net worth. This is the driving force behind the strategic wealth building firm, Money Insights.

Christian’s team specializes in helping clients understand and implement alternative wealth-building strategies. These are powerful strategies designed for the high income and/or high net worth individual and business. He and the Money Insights team work collaboratively to design customized, high impact solutions to help clients go from high income to high net worth!

Money Insights Real Estate Investing For Physicians

Rod Zabriskie

Rod is the managing partner of Money Insights. He heads up all things client facing. This includes our education, implementation, and ongoing strategic review efforts.

His path started while in college when he was introduced to the books Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant, by Robert Kiyosaki, as well as material from other outside-the-box thinkers. This opened his eyes to the broad possibilities of placing your destiny in your own hands, particularly by being open minded to alternative concepts and ideas and not expecting mainstream ways to lead to excellence.

Through his work with Money Insights, he has the privilege every day of connecting with like-minded clients who are looking for a better way to build and protect wealth. Rod and the Money Insights team place significant emphasis around educating clients on the strategies and the philosophy behind them. Understanding the benefits is critical; understanding the inner workings that make the strategies so powerful is just as important.

Rod earned his undergraduate degree in Marketing Communications from Brigham Young University. After working for a few years in the corporate world, he completed an MBA at the University of Utah.

Rod loves spending time with his wife Jodi and their 7 children, especially enjoying outdoor activities and playing games. In his free time, he enjoys sports, music and painting.

Since 2009, he has worked in financial services, joining forces with Christian in 2010. During that time, Rod has become an expert in the field of advanced planning strategies utilizing life insurance and annuities. He now works on a daily basis with high income earners on both the personal and business sides to accelerate their wealth building, optimize their investing, and discover innovative ways to move from high income to high net worth!

Personal Finance for Physicians

Brittany Allen

Brittany Allen is the New Business Manager at Money Insights. As the New Business Manager, Brittany helps oversee different organizational processes that take place with any new as well as already established business. Brittany also helps clients from start to finish when they decide to move forward with underwriting. This includes putting together applications, reviewing medical information, gathering pertinent information from clients and working with different insurance companies to ensure they have everything they need to make a prompt decision on each application. Brittany focuses on ensuring our clients receive the best customer service, no matter where they are at in the process with Money Insights. Once a policy has been placed in force Brittany is our go-to resource when it comes to loan requests, beneficiary changes, updating information with insurance companies and any other customer service related matters. Brittany enjoys working with such an educated and committed team, who is supportive to one another in each of their designated roles.

Brittany joined the Money Insights family in January of 2018. Her husband worked for Money Insights as an agent for a few years prior to Brittany joining so she has had exposure to the business well before joining. Before making the move to Money Insights, Brittany worked at 1-800 Contacts for 9 years as a Digital Customer Service Representative. In that position she worked with customers and doctors daily through mediums such as phone calls, live chat, emails and text message. She also worked as a trainer with multiple co-workers to help ensure each employee was exceeding customer standards. While working at 1-800 Contacts Brittany received multiple awards and recognition for her top-notch customer service and communication skills. Brittany received an Associates of Arts and Sciences at Salt Lake Community College. She completed her degree in just 18 months and with high honors.

Brittany married Christian’s younger brother, Brett, in 2009. Brittany and Brett have a daughter named Brooklyn. Brittany loves to learn, especially when it comes to anything related to health. She studies constantly about different strategies to improve oneself physically and mentally. Outside of work Brittany enjoys a variety of activities such as camping, kayaking, paddle boarding, reading, gardening, photography and planning vacations. Brittany and her family go on at least 1 cruise a year and love to explore different parts of the world!

Money Insights Heather Mclean

Heather McLean

Heather McLean is the Operations Manager at Money Insights. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Utah State University in 2008. She brings years of experience and a proven track record from various industries to the team. Prior to joining Money Insights, she has worked as an Account Manager for a mortgage lender, an Office Manager of a mental health counseling office, as well as in Talent Acquisition for a large tech company. In each of these positions, she focused on creating and implementing new processes to improve efficiency. She is using those skills to assist the Money Insights team to continue our success at helping our clients achieve their financial goals. She enjoys working with such a thoughtful and cohesive team!

Heather has always had a passion for helping people. This passion led her to spend many years teaching childbirth education classes and supporting moms in labor and post-partum. One day, she would love to take a humanitarian trip to give support and supplies for pregnancy, birth, and infant care to those in under-developed countries. She is also continually looking for ways to provide support to people in her own community.

Outside of work, Heather likes reading, listening to podcasts, hiking, and traveling. She especially enjoys spending time with her three kids (two girls and one boy), her significant other, and his two kids (one girl and one boy).

Personal Finance For Doctors

Patty Maloy

Patty Maloy joined the Money Insights family in January of 2019. As a client services representative she helps the team build and maintain great client relationships and deliver quality service. Patty enjoys working with an exceptional team and is passionate about delivering the best possible service to clients.

Along with working part time for Money Insights, Patty also works as a Child Nutrition Secretary for Nebo School District. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Child Development in 2000 from the University of LaVern in California. This led to her current job of ensuring the Child Nutrition program runs effectively at her school and believes that healthy nutritious meals can help students achieve higher academic achievement.

In 2017 Patty received recognition as Nebo’s Employee of the Year. She was also awarded as the School Nutrition Association’s State of Utah Employee of the year along with winning the award for the West Region Employee of the year. Helping children form healthy habits is her number one goal!

In her spare time Patty enjoys cooking, watching musicals and spending time outdoors with her husband, two daughters and furry baby Opie. Patty loves to try and explore new things and believes a once a year vacation to a new place is needed to recharge, make memories and grow. “Travel is like an endless university. You never stop learning.”

Brenyn Headshot Transparent

Brenyn McConnell

Brenyn started in the finance industry in 2019 after he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in Management from Utah Valley University. While Brenyn was in school, he managed a sales team in New York and Connecticut for 3 years. He learned while training, mentoring, and leading more than 75 sales reps that most of his reps had very little financial education. This ignited Brenyn’s own financial education and is what ultimately guided him into the financial industry.

Brenyn started at a finance firm in Salt Lake City and quickly built his own practice with the same ideals and strategies that Money Insights believes in. Naturally, this led to a great fit between Brenyn and the Money Insights team. Brenyn joined the Money Insights team in 2020 and helps facilitate the education, implementation, and ongoing strategic review efforts with both the Investment Optimizer and Retirement Accelerator strategies. He is also our resident expert in disability income insurance.

Brenyn enjoys furthering his education in the alternative investment space through books, podcasts, and webinars. Brenyn has been married for 4 years to his wife Aubri and they enjoy boating, camping, and traveling. 

Tim Whelan Small

Blake Brogan

Blake has been in the financial services industry since 2015 after graduating with an undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship from Grove City College (PA).

It was while in college where he first was exposed to business owners and investors who were actively implementing the Investment Optimizer strategies which launched much of his own financial education and passion to serve fellow entrepreneurs and business owners.

He began his own practice in 2016 with many of the same ideals and strategies as the Money Insights team. Since that time he has become an expert in advanced planning strategies utilizing life insurance. Money Insights allows Blake to do what he enjoys most – develop client relationships, dissect problems and work collaboratively to create solutions.

Outside of the office, Blake makes Michigan home with his wife, Elizabeth, and their two boys. In his free time, he loves playing golf and enjoys Spartan athletics.

Blake Brogan

Tim Whelan

Tim began his professional career as a high school teacher in 2013 after earning his bachelor’s from Michigan State University. A growing passion for all things financial lead him to leave education for the residential mortgage world and he has been full-time in the financial industry since 2016.

He has had the privilege of helping hundreds of families financially and loves the challenge and creativity involved in tailoring strategies to match the goals, dreams, and values of his clients. His true passion is educating and assisting others in achieving financial freedom. Money Insights’ educational approach and expertise in alternative investing drew Tim in.

Tim loves spending time with wife Molly and their two young boys. He enjoys Michigan State sports and you can often find him with his family walking the campus.

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