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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does Money Insights do so much with cash value life insurance?

We get it. There’s a lot of negative pub around cash value life insurance. However, we’re yet to meet an ultra-high net worth individual or family who doesn’t strongly believe in using cash value life insurance. It’s a strange phenomenon that the wealthy love it and use it as an effective wealth building tool, while the lower and middle class are busy touting a completely different narrative. You may have heard the saying “buy term and invest the rest.” While term Insurance does play a critical role in sound financial planning, the reality is that if you’re wanting to build significant wealth and follow the path of many of the most successful companies and families in the world, you’ll want to figure out what they’re seeing that others aren’t. We’re convinced that there is no wealth building combination as impactful as utilizing the combination of properly structured life insurance, working in conjunction with sound alternative investing. It has amazing tax benefits, a lot of guarantees around the way it builds wealth, a unique way of leveraging your cash value, and it has built-in asset protection*. Oh, and if you die it passes on a much higher legacy than the underlying cash value to your heirs.

* The asset protection is defined on a state-by-state basis. Ask us how it applies to your state.

Does Money Insights work in all states?

Yes! We have clients all across the United States, and carry licenses to work wherever you are. Because we meet with our clients through phone calls and internet meetings, it makes it very convenient for busy professionals to meet with us on their terms.

What makes the Money Insights approach so different?

You may have already noticed, we don’t do things the way the financial gurus say everyone should manage their finances. We focus on high income physicians, dentists and accredited investors to build financial strategies that are laser focused on efficiently growing and protecting wealth. We strategically use the core financial principles of leverage, velocity and cash flow to generate higher overall returns, minimize taxation, and ultimately to accelerate the timeline needed to reach your financial goals.

Is the Investment Optimizer just another name for Infinite Banking?

In its simplest sense, the answer is yes. We’re leveraging the benefits of max funded whole life insurance to be much more efficient in the way we manage our financial world. And yet, we are hyper focused on using it for cash flow investing. While many proponents of Infinite Banking are out there talking about using the strategy for buying a car or going on vacation, we instead put all of our effort in using it to enhance or supplement the alternative investing that our clients are doing. This takes the strategy to a whole new level in terms of its impact on our clients in helping them go from high income to high net worth.

Why haven’t I heard more about these strategies?

One of the tragedies in the financial picture in the U.S. is that the gurus focus so much of our attention on Wall Street and 401(k)s and mutual funds, that there isn’t much room for other strategies to enter the conversation. What we see is people who have previously or are now branching out to look at alternative investments such as real estate, notes, businesses, etc. Once you get off of Wall Street and start to explore the other options that are available, then a lot of the traditional financial planning walls start to fall down and you find that there are additional, better ways to build wealth.

What if I can’t qualify for one of the life insurance policies that you use for these strategies?

Unfortunately, we occasionally meet someone who likes our strategies but wouldn’t be able to qualify for life insurance because of health reasons. The good news is that a policy can be owned independent of the insured. In other words, a spouse, a child, a parent, or even a business partner can be the insured on the life insurance policy even if they don’t have any ownership in the policy. To be clear, it isn’t a free-for-all. State laws define who has “insurability” with whom and for what purpose, but we’ve had a lot of success in setting up policies in this way. That makes it possible even for those who can’t qualify for life insurance themselves to still participate in these powerful strategies.

Are you affiliated with more than one or two life insurance companies?

Yes! We are brokers, so we maintain active relationships with many life insurance companies. When we’re matching up the right insurance company for each of our clients, we have two levels of scrutiny:

We only want to work with those companies that are financially strong, A-rated by the independent rating agencies, who have been around for a long time and have a consistent track record with the particular strengths that we’re looking for in the strategy.

Once we have our short list of companies we compare the products that they offer. In all of the strategies, we maximum overfund policies while preserving the tax benefits that we want. So, we run illustrations with each of the shortlisted companies and pick the one that is the best match for the client’s objectives and circumstances.

What does your process look like for someone who is interested in one or more of your strategies?

We have a low-pressure way for anyone to learn about what we offer without having to commit to talking with anyone first. Because we do so much through webinars, our podcast and other outreach programs, you can learn a lot about our strategies on your own time and pace. For anyone who likes what they see and wants to have a conversation, we’ll set up an initial phone call to talk through the person’s goals and questions. We then decide together where to take the conversation from there. Typically we’ll then share additional web-based and/or reading material to expand on areas of particular interest. From there it depends on the individual, since the strategies are all custom-tailored to their needs and goals. For those who get to the point where they know they like the strategy in question, even if they aren’t solid on whether they’ll go through with it or not, we can start the underwriting process with the insurance company. Because this commonly takes 4–6 weeks, this allows us to continue working through questions and possible scenarios so that when the approval comes back from the insurance company we’re in a place where we can decide whether or not to continue with the plan, and if so what we want the final structure to be. Even after everything is finalized, we stay involved as our clients implement the strategy(s) over the long term. At a minimum they hear from us once a year around the time of their policy anniversary. In addition, we make ourselves available anytime to answer questions and continue to assist as our clients utilize the powerful strategies.

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