Each week, Money Insights founders Christian Allen and Rod Zabriskie get together to discuss all things money and business. From the latest financial trends to unique strategic wealth-building strategies, Christian and Rod take the time to teach you what you need to know to achieve financial success in all aspects of your life.


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"I worked with Rod on designing one of my policies. Rod ran multiple options for me, answered all my questions, and explained things very well. It was a great experience. Always work with someone you know, like and trust! Rod, Christian and team are one of the best!"

Eric Schultz

"Rod & Christian provided me tremendous value in structuring and refining my insurance policies to maximize utility and cash value. Their knowledge has been unrivaled in my experience."

Chris Larsen

"This team is honest, responsive and professional. They are great at explaining concepts and are far from pushy. They have been a pleasure to work with"

Chet Tharpe

The Money Insights 5 Steps to Success

Together, Rod and Christian expound on core wealth building principles, as well as the Money Insights roadmap to wealth. . . which consists of 5 key steps that, if implemented, will ensure financial success both in the short and long term.


Understand and prepare for the unique challenges you may face along the way.

For example, physicians most often graduate from medical school much later than their counterparts in most other professions, and when they do, they often are saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars of student debt. It’s critical that this aspect is taken into account and that there’s a strategy in place to slash student debt in the most efficient way possible! We also find that entrepreneurs often put all their money back into their business. However, it’s important that while they build their business up, they also know how to build a highly efficient emergency fund that can sustain them through hard times.


Step 2- Break into the alternative investing space, and becoming an accredited investor for those who are not already.

Most people have a host of misconceptions about what the alternative investment space really is. To make it very simple, we’re talking about anything that isn’t stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Most people don’t realize that the risk adjusted returns available through alternative investing is often times better than what you can get through traditional investing. This doesn’t mean that we won’t utilize traditional investments as well. A 100% match on a 401K or defined benefit plan can be incredibly impactful in its own right, but there are too many game changing opportunities available in the alternative investment space to not take advantage of them.


The Investment Optimizer, which sits at the center of the Money Insights method.

What if we told you there was a place to put money where it would generate a consistent return without volatility, be protected from creditors and lawsuits, create value in multiple places at the same time and be completely tax free? This strategy is so simple and yet so powerful that we recommend it to all our clients. In the podcast, we dive into exactly why this piece is such a no brainer!


Utilize “Conservative Leverage.”

Most people utilize financial leverage in some way shape or form, generally it’s when purchasing a home. While it’s critical that we don’t become over leveraged, implementing “conservative leverage” gives us a chance to create exponential growth that is impossible to capture in any other way. We all know the acronym OPM, aka “other people’s money” but most investors don’t realize that this principle can extend beyond real estate. In addition to the various kinds of real estate, many of our clients will also utilize leverage to create massive amounts of retirement income by using The Retirement Accelerator or The Wealth Maximizer for estate planning purposes.


Follow the Money Insights Method for executing the plan, which consists of 4 defined stages.

First, is discovery and education. Stage one is arguably the most vital step and is the foundation of the principles we teach. First, we gather all the pertinent information so that the Money Insights team can collaboratively build out a strategy to fit the individual needs. Simultaneously, prospective investors are strongly encouraged to be moving through our education model which consists of our e-books (a Money Insights for Physicians/Money Insights for Dentists. Our core concept videos (The Investment Optimizer part 1 and 2, The Retirement Accelerator part 1 and 2,) our 2 white papers and of course The Money Insights Podcast. We believe knowledge is power and work to provide as much educational material as possible. In the strategic design stage, we collaborate daily and focus on designing a plan that will fit with each individual’s goals and objectives. We believe multiple people looking at each situation allows us to deliver the most innovative and efficient strategies possible! Next comes the implementation phase. Once both parties have agreed on the strategic design, we’ll work together to implement the strategies as seamlessly as possible. Finally, it’s critical that we have ongoing collaboration where we meet regularly to make sure that we make the proper adjustments to the plan. By combining the right concepts strategies with the proper customization and execution, we’ve been able to help hundreds of high income earners move along the roadmap to wealth!

Rod and Christian strategically choose topics and ideas that are meant to give listeners the knowledge and education to grow your business and grow your wealth. In summary, Christian and Rod are on a mission, through the Money Insights Podcast, to help you, the highly paid physicians and entrepreneurs build long-term wealth building strategies. We will be by your side as you accelerate, optimize and innovate throughout the wealth building process.

About the Money Insights Podcast

Money Insights is a strategic wealth building firm for high income earners. In short, we help people accelerate their wealth building, optimize their investing, and discover innovative ways to move from high income to high net worth! And we believe there’s a better way to get there. No longer are we forced through lack of accessibility and education, to follow the archaic, ineffective, and outdated strategies that are bought and paid for by the big Wall Street firms. This podcast will give listeners insights into the unique strategies that have been and are actively used by many of the most successful companies and families in American history!

Additionally, Rod and Christian break down all things money and business! In addition to having built a multimillion dollar strategic planning firm and worked with thousands of highly successful physicians and entrepreneurs across the country, they’ve also spent the past 15 years learning how to become successful entrepreneurs themselves and because of this, are uniquely qualified to lead clients down their proven roadmap to wealth.

The Money insights podcast is meant to be the practical extension to our mission of helping physicians, dentists, and successful entrepreneurs build and protect wealth by learning and implementing proven wealth building strategies. Not only do we discuss the proven strategies and philosophies behind building wealth, but we also show a very real roadmap which includes defined action steps to help our clients identify and achieve their financial goals.

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