The Money Insights Method strategically utilizes the core financial principles of leverage, velocity and cash flow to generate higher overall returns, minimize taxation, and ultimately to accelerate the timeline needed to reach your financial goals.


Maximizing efficiency requires attention to detail. As part of the strategic design process, we ensure that every financial strategy we put in place is perfectly optimized to deliver the very best result for the client.


Innovation is the cornerstone to sustained economic growth and prosperity. The Money Insights team is committed to bringing new and innovative strategies, techniques and insights to help each of our clients achieve financial success.

Investment Optimizer

One of the challenges investors face while growing their wealth is learning how to efficiently move money in and out of investments without losing ground when it’s on the sideline. The Investment optimizer is the solution to that problem! It is a customizable strategy that will teach investors how to create a highly efficient “opportunity fund” by using the power of compound interest to create value in two places at the same time! Click Here to Download the White Paper where we will cover the following key points:

  1. Enhance cash flow investing
  2. Tax-free growth
  3. Safe, predictable vehicle
  4. Creditor protection
  5. Phase II: Retirement income


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Investment Optimizer Case Study

42-year old radiologist from Houston, TX. He was already investing in real estate and other cash flow investments when we met him. He would build up his opportunity fund inside of his savings account, then take from those funds for a cash flow investment. As it began kicking off cash flow, he would funnel that into his savings account until he built back up and was ready to go out and do it again. He was extremely happy with the investments, but realized there was an opportunity cost of having money waiting to be deployed . The money sitting on the sideline between deals wasn’t really doing anything for him. Yes, it was liquid and safe, available for the next opportunity. The problem is, it wasn’t creating any value for him in the interim. Through the Investment Optimizer strategy, he shifted his focus from setting aside his investment funds into his savings account to funding his new overfunded whole life policy. This now became his supercharged opportunity fund. Within the first year of funding his Investment Optimizer policy he used the funds for multiple cash flow investments. For one of those investments, a rental property, he set up a monthly deposit back into the policy for a period of time before cashing out in a large lump sum a few years later and putting it all back into his policy. For a business venture that produced uneven cash flow he flowed money back into his policy from time to time in varying amounts over the course of years. The three things he valued most from the Investment Optimizer strategy are the following:

  1. Tax-free growth in the account
  2. The ability to create value in multiple places at the same time
  3. Teaser: The Investment Optimizer creates a unique Arbitrage that makes it grow in ways a savings account can’t do

Retirement Accelerator

Leverage is one of the most powerful wealth-building tools available. As investors, we frequently use leverage to acquire a business, or to purchase real estate. . . why wouldn’t we use that very same principle to build retirement assets? Simply put, the answer is that the opportunity hasn’t historically been available to anyone not considered high net worth ($10M+). The Retirement Accelerator is an innovative strategy that makes utilizing leverage to build tax-free retirement income available to anyone with a strong 6-figure income. Here, you’ll discover how to take part in 80% of the upside of the market without participating in any of the downside risk, all while simultaneously leveraging those returns at a 3:1 ratio! Click Here to Download the White Paper

  1. Most effective strategy to maximize retirement income, while using the fewest dollars possible.
  2. Powerful alternative to traditional retirement plans.
  3. Tax-free income producing machine!
  4. Introduces “conservative leverage” to retirement income planning
  5. Can be used individually or as a group/company


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Retirement Accelerator Case Study

50-year-old anesthesiologist from Arlington, VA. He was looking for an opportunity to diversify his future retirement income. He likes the idea of being an active investor in real estate and other types of alternative investments, but doesn’t seem to find the time to make it happen. He wanted to use the same principles of leverage, velocity and cash flow, but take advantage of those principles in a way that made sense for him and his situation. That’s when he turned to the Retirement Accelerator. He decided to set aside $100,000/yr for 5 years, for a total of $500,000 combined into the Retirement Accelerator. When we project a reasonable income starting at age 65 for him, the strategy will produce $165,000/yr of tax-free income. Assuming he lives to 90 years old, this would mean he receives a total of $2.1 million of tax-free income. AND, his family will receive an additional $2 million of life insurance when he passes.  

Wealth Maximizer

This exclusive strategy is designed to provide high net worth individuals with the ability to pay life insurance premiums using the bank’s money. Our clients see the incredible value that comes from owning permanent life insurance, but often would prefer to have their capital working for them in other ways. Premium financing allows affluent individuals to maximize return on capital, while simultaneously obtaining the desired life insurance benefits. The Wealth Maximizer is often used to manage estate taxes upon death, but this strategy can also be used to generate massive amounts of tax-free retirement income! Click Here to Download the White Paper and learn how to 1. Create a new asset using leverage 2. Retain capital for investing 3. Produce a large death benefit for estate planning needs 4. Generate a tax-free stream of income

Wealth Maximizer Case Study

45-year-old surgeon from Chicago, IL. He had done an amazing job of building wealth, and his net worth had grown to $11 million. He started thinking about how he was going to handle estate taxes when he passes if his wealth continues to grow at this pace. More importantly, he’s wanting to maximize the income he can generate from his assets when he’s ready to slow down from his work life. By leveraging some traditional equity investment assets that stay where they are and continue to grow, he is able to create a large life insurance policy, with $1 million/yr of premium for 10 years. He uses a bank loan for the majority of it, and contributes $100,000/yr out of pocket for those 10 years. Once he turns 65, he’s able to generate a tax-free income of $510,000/yr. In addition to this, if he passes at age 90 he’ll pass on a $20 million life insurance benefit that will land outside his estate and be available for his heirs to use toward estate taxes and estate liquid needs.

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